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Hey, thanks for sticking with us. Good news, you’re almost done. But, if you picked up the commercial licence this is important to your future business. Here’s what it’s all about: Thanks to Graphitii, you’re all set to become the “cinemagraph guy” that other marketers keep on speed dial. And as cinemagraphs explode on the scene, you’ll be in pole position to make massive profits But why wait?

What If You Could Double, (Even Triple) Your Cinemagraph Profits From TODAY Onwards?

Most highly paid freelancers have one thing in common. Actually, it’s two things: First, everyone agrees the only thing worse than chasing sales and pitching clients is being broke. Which leads to thing number two: Every established freelancer (read: NOT BROKE) has high quality examples of the services they offer. If you plan on falling into the NOT BROKE category you MUST be able to produce your portfolio on request. The best freelancers will have a special website custom-coded—or at the very least—a dedicated part of their website, where prospects can check-out their portfolio 24/7. It’s a pricey investment for sure. At least $2000 to get anything worthwhile coded. Expensive. Yes. But this is an important step for ALL freelancers.

And It’s MISSION CRITICAL For People Selling Designs…

Because any kind of design: graphic, photographic, and particularly cinemagraphic is 100% visual in nature. And that means, YOUR cinemagraph sales are directly influenced by the quality of your portfolio… but that’s not all, and this is where many freelancers mess up…

It’s Not Just What’s Inside Your Portfolio That Matters…

It’s WHERE you keep it.

You could have a portfolio stuffed to the brim with work so good it’d make Van Gogh cut off his other ear… and still not get the sale. The problem is, most people don’t want to give you their money. They look for any reason to decide you’re a fraud so they can keep their money in their wallet. It’s just the way we’re wired. And it makes perfect sense, right?

You wouldn’t whip out your credit card, punch in all your personal details, and order goods and services from a website that SCREAMS cheap. Instead, you go looking for an established freelancer, with a professional website– and only THEN do you take a look as his portfolio and decide to invest. But imagine directing potential clients to a custom-made website, that looks like it’s just been lifted from Apple’s design department. That’s a totally different proposition.

With a custom-website you can:

Take all the stress and difficulty out of selling.

Showcase your designs in the BEST possible light

Demonstrate an established web-presence.

Charge “top-dollar” from DAY ONE.

Make EASY sales without needing testimonials or resorting to tacky sales tricks.

At the end of the day... The better your web-presence, the more impressed your prospects are going to be. And the more impressed your prospects are, the more they’ll EXPECT to pay to hire you. And we think you should be charging top-dollar on your very first gig. So how about it?


Graphitii Pro

“Top Dollar Clients From Day 1”

Graphitti PRO is a stunning custom-coded website for Cinemagraph designers.

Fast to set up. Easy to use. Even easier to customise. Graphitii PRO instantly positions your services at the high-end of the spectrum… letting you to start charging top-end prices, for top-end clients, from day one… with confidence

Graphitii PRO lets you:

Gain massive authority and prestige in the eyes of your prospects (…let them convince themselves you’re the #1 guy for the job).

Showcase your best designs, and raise your prices to match (… try it, you’ll be surprised how much more people will pay to work with the best).

Create an established web-presence… give prospects somewhere to check you out… give clients somewhere to send referrals… and watch your business grow.

And that’s not all:

Graphitii PRO Works In 3 Easy Steps

Simply upload the Graphitii PRO HTML file to your hosting as an independent website, or as part of an existing site, and get ready to customize.

Add your company logo and your contact details in the spaces provided so people can hire you directly.

Congratulations, with Graphitii PRO installed you now have a fully-functional, custom-coded web-presence, specially designed to show off (and sell) cinemagraphs.

PLUS! Get Graphitii PRO Today And We’ll GIVE You A $1000 Portfolio You Can Use Today!

Many freelancers spend years working cheap gigs just to get another piece for their portfolio. It’s hard graft. But you can understand why they slog it out, because the minute that portfolio is ready, is the minute freelancing gets PROFITABLE. But check this out:

Looks good doesn’t it. Amazing even. It’s called the Graphitii Artist Portfolio, and it’s yours FREE if you want it. Here’s why: We don’t think you should have to wait to get your portfolio up online. So we’ve had our own Graphitii Designers produce some of the very best cinemagraphs Graphitti has to offer. These cinemagraphs are sure to mesmerize anyone who comes to check out your skills… (After all there’s a good $1000 of Grade-A cinemagraphs here). And they’ll be automatically installed, and LIVE the minute you publish your Graphitii PRO site. Then, when you’ve got your own winning designs, all you need to do is add them to the mix. Each new cinemagraph you add will only increase your reputation as the #1 cinemagraph guy!

But Graphitii PRO Doesn’t Just Persuade MORE Prospects To Hand Over MORE Cash…

It SAVES you time and money too.

It’ doesn’t matter if it’s day 1, day 8, or day 222. When you’re showing off your work like a long-established PRO, your clients won’t care that you’re charging top whack. As far as they’re concerned they’re working with the very best. And with Graphitii PRO in your corner, that’s true.

You won’t have to fork out $2,000 to get it custom-coded, because our in-house designers have already done it. So you won’t even pay $1000. Or even $500.Not even close.

unlike most freelancers - you WON’T have to spend the next year grafting for small-fry clients, paying small-fry profits just to build up your portfolio. Because you’re starting out with a A-Grade portfolio worth $1000 that most designers would chew their own arm off to get at.

But You Must

Act Now

We’re only offering Graphitii PRO with the Graphitii Artist Portfolio at this special launch price ONCE. And we’re only offering it at such a low price to say THANK YOU for sticking with us and investing in Graphitii today.

You won’t get a better opportunity, at a better price, than the one on offer on this page. If you want to start out life as a super-profitable, well established freelancer… so you never have to deal with small-fry clients, and the kind of low-end fees that make minimum wage sound appealing, you must ACT today. Let Graphitti PRO do all the hard yards, while you enjoy all the time in the world to focus on creating stunning cinemagraphs. And let the Graphitii Artist Portfolio worry about impressing your prospects, while you “worry” about spending your profits. Click below now, pick up Graphitii Pro and Graphitii Artist Portfolio for a small one-off payment of only $97.